Baby D Makes Three!

I'm Samantha. Love my son, my pibbles, my husband, my cat, the interwebz, my family, hair dye --> particularly bright, bold colors, Colorado (where I live), sparkly things, tumblr and coffee.


people that don’t put cases on their iPhones have the kind of confidence that I need

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open the doop, get on the floop. everybody walk the dinosoop

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Like this if you are a mom in her early-mid 20's →






I follow teen moms but I want to follow other moms my age! Please and thank you!! I’m 23 from Canada with a 16 month old girl :)

24 mama from south New Jersey. My son Jacob just…

21, 22 next month! Woo! with a 6 month old!




These are some of them, most were golden retrivers and labradors, but also included german shepherds and other breeds. Sadly most are dead now, while many people forget them and don’t spare them a thought. 

As people lay dying, trapped and hurt, a team of nearly 100 loyal and courageous search dogs put their lives on the line to help humans. Without them, many more would not have survived, yet few people consider them. 

In such a chaotic, terrifying, hot, acrid-smelling, smokey and loud environment, countless human lives depended on their ability to focus, listen, respond to their handlers, and work tirelessly. Stepping over cracked glass, hot tarmac, through flames and thick smoke, being winched over deep ravines, they battled on to seek out survivors and bring them aid. 

They worked around the clock, day and night, searching, sniffing, over and over. Not only did they search, but they comforted - many eyewitnesses speak of how the dogs would stop and sit by newly-recovered victims, giving them a sense of hope and relief, before moving on to look for the next. As the situation became desperate, and the rescue workers and fire teams became utterly distraught at the amount of people who were recovered dead, these dogs brought them comfort, sitting with them on breaks, letting them grieve.

Many of these dogs are old, and have passed away. Let us remember the courage and loyalty they showed at such a horrendous event. They didn’t have a choice, but nonetheless they did what was asked of them and helped save countless lives. Don’t let their bravery be forgotten today either, or their determination to be a ‘good dog’ despite the scary and dangerous environment around them.


Bless these babies ❤️

The older i get

the more anti social i am. 
Seriously. If i can’t do something online it makes me pretty upset. 

Also, if you’re not already my friend i will probably never talk to you. I don’t like meeting new people. I never used to be like that but when i got pregnant i was like nope, no interest in other people that i don’t already know. 

Hate when people try to make polite conversation in public places, can’t stand talking to people on the phone. UTHRGJONSFKJNSF

"Hit me my thesis is due in 12 hours and I haven’t started it"

"Hit me I have a final in an hour and I didn’t study"

"Hit me I’ve been on a 24 hour drinking binge and I’m invincible"

"Hit me. You’re a university vehicle and I’ll get free tuition."

"Hit me I feel like a failure anyway"

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College kids literally don’t care about walking in the way of cars at school because we’re like “hit me i don’t care pay my tuition.”

Because selfie.

Love my best friend. Gosh I miss her. Went out to the bar where her sister works tonight and it was fun. Kinda drunk. Lol. Never get to see her and her two beautiful babies anymore but hopefully I’ll start watching them a couple days a week soon. I miss my babies and best friend. :[

Went to the zoo for Dax’s first time today! He loved it. Really likes the tropical Adventure and the fishes in there! He just wanted to swim in the water though. Lol. He started kicking his legs like crazy anytime we looked at a fish tank. Haha. Silly boy. Aquarium next weekend! Yay! Love my babies.


have you ever had the urge to spoil somebody and buy them everything they’ve ever wanted because they are just so wonderful and you love them a lot and they deserve all of the nice things??? then u realize u are broke and sad

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Dax is laughing in his sleep.
*puddle of melted heart*

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